Caroline Hobby

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People tend to have a difficult time relating to the Thursday Thrive stories because they haven't experienced anything as traumatic as a lot of the stories we have covered thus far. That's one of the many reasons I was so excited to share Caroline's story with you.

While it is slightly ironic that out of all stories we have featured, Caroline, the girl in the entertainment industry, would have one of the most relatable journeys.

Like the majority of the women I know, including myself, for many years Caroline's worst enemy was herself.  She constantly battled her own thoughts and obsessions over her appearance.  Always feeling the need to have the perfect body, appearance or life often consumed her thoughts.  Like a lot of people in our generation, she was more concerned with her appearance than the detrimental toll she was taking on her health with quick fixes.  How many people do you know that have been down that road a time or two? Well, those people can find hope through Caroline's story because she has found peace and self worth after years of self destructive thoughts and actions.

Around the time Caroline's initial dream career came crashing down, she started to lose control of the "perfect life" she had created. It wasn't until a new opportunity fell in her lap that she realized God actually has bigger plans for us than we could ever dream up.  It took surrendering control and relying on faith for her to fully overcome her insecurities and fears and accept the destiny that God had already lined up for her.  


Her story is proof that when things fall apart, it is because God is making room for something much better!