Daisy Alexandria

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An unstable childhood left Daisy feeling unwanted, unloved, lost and mad at God.  As a teenager, cycles of abandonment and cruel bullying from a "friend" made her question her own worthiness.  Searching for something to fill that void, Daisy found herself in love and in an abusive relationship.  

Years of abuse left her even more broken and in desperate need of something to fill all voids. Daisy found herself in jail after a series of bad decisions and mistakes.   The guilt and shame that followed amplified the feelings of unworthiness and longing for acceptance.

This cycle of feeling unloved, unwanted and unworthy started to change after hitting rock bottom and turning to God.  She began focusing on filling her mind with positive reinforcements and inspiration to change her mindset and eventually became the joy and light to everyone around her.  

If you know Daisy's carefree and joy-filled spirit today, you will find so much of this story unimaginable.  We didn't want to leave out any major points, so we have created two episodes dedicated to feature Daisy's story.  Part I will be released July 7, 2016 and Part II will be released July 21, 2016.