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A trauma-informed masterclass that redirects your resilience, ambition and empathy.


When life doesn’t line up with the plan you created, uncertainty and fear start to churn. The vision board version of you that designed this "no-fail" plan retreats to somewhere familiar, somewhere safe and somewhere you also told yourself you wouldn’t return.  

Maybe you know the feeling?

You're afraid to let loose or have fun. 

It’s too risky to step out of the safety systems that keep your life in check. No safety net, no control. And losing control or being out of control feels like torture, or worse, failure. It’s a jolt to your nervous system reminding you of times when you felt unsafe and vulnerable. You can’t remember the last time you literally LOL’ed, actually played or truly relaxed.

You worry that you're lazy, a procrastinator or should be doing more.

Your mediocre is probably most people’s personal best. But when you’re grading yourself, you always seem to come up short. Anything less than full throttle and you find yourself headed for a shame spiral thanks to your nervous system working to keep you safely performing so you don’t get left behind.

You stay stuck in the Everything-Nothing-Netflix loop.

You agree to ALL the things, but then struggle to keep up with all the commitments. Eventually, after exhausting yourself, you find yourself pushing everyone and everything away to self-protect. Then it’s binge-watching Netflix and avoiding your inbox. Until, of course, the whole thing starts all over again. 

You question if you're worthy of investing in yourself. 

You tell yourself that maybe there are just some things in life you can’t have—fulfillment, love, real boundaries, freedom from old narratives. Besides, when would you possibly have the time or resources to do something like life coaching? Next quarter, next year, next raise or bonus, you tell yourself. But it doesn’t feel safe to spend money on yourself, so the right time just never appears.

Movement without forward motion gets old.

The masterclass will show you that it’s safe to disrupt the unhelpful loops and limiting beliefs you’ve been swirling in for years.

Wouldn't it be great to finally understand that nothing is wrong with you and that you actually make sense?

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Nothing is wrong with you. You make sense. In fact, every single thing you do—every behavior—makes sense through the lens of trauma and self-protection. When your nervous system is overwhelmed from past trauma or current stress, the walls come up and you shut down.


With a trauma-informed approach to life coaching, we’ll walk through a process designed to reintroduce safety into your nervous system so you can begin to heal. 


This isn’t theory. We’ll go through evidence-based research that proves you make sense, and we’ll break down exactly what’s been happening in your brain and your body. We’ll transform:

Worry into worthiness.

-   Recognize triggers & break out of anxiety cycles

-   Identify & practice grounding techniques

-   Embrace uncertainty and doubt

-   Stop second guessing yourself

-   Replace self-judgement with self-compassion

-   Love yourself


Fear into fulfillment.

-   Step out of a victim mindset

-   Identify fears holding you back

-   Recognize & reframe self-sabotaging behaviors

-   Decrease pessimism

-   Practice effective self-care


Control into connection.

-   Stop trauma from paralyzing your life

-   End the cycle of playing small just to maintain connection

-   Use a new approach to handle family and other relationship conflicts

-   Move away from all-or-nothing and toward balance

-   Release anger, regret & self-criticism

-   Discover joy

Work Desk

3 Steps to get started

Select the appropriate class.

There are separate classes for men and women to facilitate more safety. 

Sign up for your 8-week masterclass. 

Select the investment option you want.

Get ready to change.

You're safe. You're amazing. Let's do this. 

Each 8-week masterclass includes:

  • 8 group coaching calls via Zoom

  • Supplemental Recorded Lessons to expand on select subjects

  • A workbook to take notes, review concepts and self-reflect.

  • 50+ journal prompts

  • Self-regulation and grounding techniques

  • Discounted pricing for 1:1 coaching

  • Community of like-minded women

  • Email Support

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Get a $150 discount when you pay in full. 

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Pay in two installments:

$750 now & $750 by Week 5.

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Well, for starters, the 8-week virtual masterclass experience includes all of the knowledge, resources and tools you receive in 1:1 coaching, but for less than half the cost. 


Plus, the group is a safe and supportive environment where you can challenge yourself, experiment, play, and even “mess up”—all without judgement. Here’s what else you can expect:

  • Enjoy a small intimate group size that invites vulnerability in a safe setting.

  • Connect with other change seekers.

  • Find accountability and support.

  • Gain insights from others’ experiences.

  • Send questions and comments you’d like to hear addressed in group via a weekly check-in form.

  • Add on 1:1 coaching sessions during or after group coaching.

  • Allow others to offer you the compassion you’ve been withholding from yourself.

“Cortney gave me the tools to recognize my triggers, realize when I am causing chaos, ground myself, not use alcohol as an answer, and most importantly, realize that this was my nervous system’s way of dealing with trauma, and I am not alone in this.”

“Long story short - I gained invaluable insight into myself and the building blocks to becoming a secure person.  Healing can be isolating, but the group calls make it less so."

“I have previously tried to work through things that have happened in my past with talk therapists, but I found myself still feeling like I was broken. This program provided me with tools and exercises to actually start healing.”

“I better understand ME. I feel more confident. I feel more certain of decisions. I know how to listen to my body now. I better understand people in my life. I can't wait to continue learning and healing.”

“I no longer feel like I am on a roller coaster about everything that happens around me. I am no longer the victim in my story. I have access to change and joy like never before.”

“I've gained the ability to forgive myself and hold space for my emotions and needs, as opposed to shaming myself or feeling like a burden.I think my favorite part was meeting the women and hearing their heart. It let me know that I wasn't alone.

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Cortney Lantigua is an inspiring motivational speaker, trauma-informed life coach and determined advocate, helping people heal from their past so they can reach their full potential.

Disclaimer: In the one-on-one setting, life coaching is a personalized program for each individual. Group life coaching offers a curriculum suitable for a group setting with group members’ individual needs and concerns in mind.  I reserve the right to change the program material for each client and group. All results will vary based on your willingness to participate and implement what you have learned. It is not a replacement for medical advice, psychological counseling or other types of therapy. Life coaches are not able to diagnose medical conditions or prescribe medication. This program is intended to be informational in nature and should not be a substitute for medical advice of any kind. Any actions you take, or consequences that result from your actions, are entirely your own responsibility. I accept no liability from the use of information provided on my website, programs, social media, email or my services. Additionally, at this time I am not taking any clients outside of the United States.