Sheena Steward

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Life traumas can be more self harming than the initial event if we don't take the time to deal with them.  We tend to take it upon ourselves to put the event behind us, thinking we can handle it by supressing it from our memory.  Unfortunately, our brains are so powerful, it is impossible to supress the memory and all side effects of the traumatic event forever.  We end up facing our own unresolved issues years later in unexpected episodes of flashbacks, rage, and uncontrollable or eratic emotions. 

There is a point, however, when you can make a decision to become the heroine of your story.


That's what Sheena did.

After years of battling self image issues and depression resulting from sexual abuse she endured as a child, she reached out for help.  This was the initial step to healing that would ultimately turn Sheena's story around.

Now happily married, something she never thought she was capable or worthy of, she speaks out about being a victim of sexual abuse as a child, how it crippled her for years and how she ultimately overcame it.  

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