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One of Cortney's favorite projects to date, Thursday Thrive, is a web series featuring people's stories of overcoming life's most challenging obstacles.  Each authentic story is filled with the truth and wisdom of what it takes to overcome adversity and take responsibility for your life. 

You mean not everyone has a parent who has been to  prison?   (I figured that out as a four year old!)

You know what people can relate to? Feeling alone

Have you ever felt like you were the only one who has had

a family member who suffers with addiction;   been abused; had an unhealthy relationship with food;

been diagnosed with a terminal illness; lost a loved one;   or  made a mistake?

All of our stories are different, but in the midst of a storm we are all searching for the same thing, HOPE.


Thursday Thrive is hope in the form of personal stories.

While adversity is a part of life for everyone, only few recognize it for what it is, an opportunity for growth.

Tune in with us as we uncover the blessings, lessons and most of all the

transformations that only adversity can provide.

Click on the images below to see the stories unfold.

"It is not your story of struggle.

It is his story of rescue."

- Rebekah Lyons