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"I witnessed Cortney changing students lives the day she spoke."

-Victoria McDonald, Principal

Robinson High School

"Cortney was such a fantastic end to our Mental Health Awareness Week at Purdue University."

-Nora Abdullah, Director of Education

Timmy Global Health, Purdue University

"Cortney has the perfect balance of trauma, mental health and understanding the power of God. What I love most about her coaching is that she knows how important all of these aspects are for healing and how they work together. It’s easy to find someone to give you Christ centered guidance and it’s easy to find a trauma or mental health expert, but to find someone who can perfectly intertwine them and work toward healing is exactly what I needed and exactly what Cortney provides! The world needs more of her and I am so appreciative of her help and genuine care. Thank you times a million, Cortney"


Coaching Client

“Great coaches don’t provide the answers, they ask the right questions. Cortney has a way of helping me pinpoint self-sabotaging behaviors and survival patterns that have kept me stuck. I love her consistency and compassion. Cortney teaches me patience as I walk through this healing journey with her. After years of trying to do this on my own, I can finally say my true self has been awakened, and I’ve found the answers for my breakthrough. Thank you, Cortney!”


Coaching Client

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