-Denyse Ferguson  
Senior Vice President Health Partnerships
"Cortney delivered an outstanding educational experience that helped our entire organization""
"Her story provided our teachers with a live example of how important it is to not only understand how adverse childhood experiences can effect a child, but also to understand how each child deals with those experiences differently "
-Julie Kraemer,  
Hutsonville Illinois School District
-Noor Abdullah
Director of Education
Timmy Global Health
Purdue University
"Cortney was such a fantastic end to our Mental Health Awareness Week at Purdue University."
"I witnessed Cortney changing students' lives the day she spoke."
-Victoria McDonald
Robinson High School
"Her program was amazing and she was so impactful to our girls!"
-Desiree Miller
Panhellenic VP of Programming
University of North Florida
-Elizabeth Hughes  
Director of Healthy Living Initiatives
YMCA of Middle Tennessee
"You'll walk away wanting to go make a positive difference in the lives of others and our world!!"
-Sarah Patton
Social Bliss Events
"She authentically paints a picture that resonates with people of all ages and background."
-Meg Tharp
Timmy Global Health
Purdue University
"her message struck a chord with myself and all students in attendance."
"I recommend her presentation to any administrator who is looking for an impactful presentation for their faculty."
-Todd Rogers
Carterville High School
-Brad Heuring
Herrin Junior High School
"She had the students' attention from the beginning and my faculty was wowed as well.  Her message really hit home."
-Michael Williams
Campus Pastor/Bible Teacher
Lighthouse Christian School
"This is one of the most impactful assemblies we have had thus far."
-Erin Basso
School Counselor
Carterville High School
"She allowed students to own their circumstances and realize they can always move toward a more positive tomorrow."
-Hannah Eldringhoff
Panhellenic Association President
University of Maryland
"Cortney is the definition of an empowered woman and her story reminds all listeners that empowered women empower women."
-Jonathan Cook, MA
Robinson High School
"In the 12 years I've been here, this was the most attentive the students have been at an assembly"
"From beginning  to end, you could tell she was touching hearts and connecting with students' own experiences."
-Mike Whitten
Boonville High School
-Aimee Twohig
Students Taking A Right Stand
Mt. Juliet High School
"She will inspire and demonstrate to them that no matter how hard it gets, there is possibility of renewal and success as an individual."
-Ananya Tadikonda
Purdue University
"She made it a point to listen to and encourage the students who attended."
"Students continue to come by my office and talk about how impactful she was, and how much they could relate to her story."
-Angie Fairfield,  
Guidance Counselor
Herrin Junior High School
-Casey Carroll
Panhellenic Council VP of Membership
Kennesaw State University
"Cortney challenged us to realize that we have to accept ourselves and share our stories in order to be the best and most authentic version of ourselves."
"Cortney was most definitely the highlight of the day!"
-Kimmy Yon,  
Community Engagement Coordinator
Youth Villages Inner Harbour
"You could have heard a pin drop as she shared her story with us.  It was raw, real, and full of hope."
-Natalie Page
Sesser-Valier High School
"Cortney is a fabulous speaker who can not only command a room, but welcome it in to her life and her story."
-Christy Shaterain
Christy Shaterian Photography
"She had their full attention and it was impressive how well she was able to connect"
-Jonathan Milewski  
Wilson Central High School
-Stacy Cuellar
Panhellenic Executive Vice President
University of North Florida
"I would 100% recommend her to my friends and would come back to see her!"

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