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This will only take a moment, promise! Do any of these describe you?

  • You’re afraid to let loose or have fun because it might mean getting uncomfortable and losing control, which reminds your nervous system of all those times you felt vulnerable and unsafe in the past.

  • Your mediocre is probably most people’s personal best, but you still find yourself worrying that you’re lazy, a procrastinator or should be doing more—your nervous system’s attempt to keep you safely performing.


  • You find yourself in a repeating loop of committing to ALL the things, getting overwhelmed, withdrawing from the world to hide in a Netflix binge, then shaming yourself to get it together and recommit to ALL the things.


  • You tell yourself that maybe there are just some things in life you can’t have—fulfillment, love, true boundaries, freedom from old narratives—but the belief might actually be that you feel unworthy of going after or receiving the things you deserve.


  • You feel like you’re always on the move but have nothing to show for it. 


  • You’ve worked so hard to avoid the pitfalls your parents, siblings, friends or coworkers have fallen prey to, but you doubt if you’ve actually been able to outrun the things you’ve avoided.


  • You wake up each day hoping something will be different—that something will suddenly snap into place—but it always seems to be just another repeat of the same.


  • And you’re exhausted. 110% OVER IT.

What if everything about you makes sense?

I’ve been exactly where you are. I’ve carried the responsibility of everything and everyone. I’ve gotten to the end of every to do list and felt anything but accomplished. I’ve woken up tired because, great, here’s another day just like all the ones before it.

Unidentified childhood trauma meant I moved through life wearing a mask to cover up my constant fear, shame and feelings of unworthiness. And all that time, it looked like I was “succeeding” to everyone else.

I’m not a quitter though, and my guess is you aren’t either. You’re what I like to call a highly resilient, ambitious woman. So, that means we’ll keep on keepin’ on until we can keep on no more. 

If you’re any of those statements above, then I’d bet my last dollar this is also you:

You know—like really, truly, undeniably KNOW—you are meant to do great things. Impossible things. Things only YOU can do.

You don’t need to convince me. I’m absolutely positive that’s true of you. Now let’s get you there.

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Nothing is wrong with you. You make sense. In fact, every single thing you do—every behavior—makes sense through the lens of trauma and self-protection. When your nervous system is overwhelmed from past trauma or current stress, the walls come up and you shut down.

With a trauma-informed approach to life coaching, we’ll walk through a process designed to reintroduce safety into your nervous system so you can begin to heal. 

This isn’t theory. We’ll go through evidence-based research that proves you make sense, and we’ll break down exactly what’s been happening in your brain and your body.

  • Identify what your nervous system does when it feels under attack

  • Develop practical grounding techniques to get your nervous system back to its most thriving, creative, peaceful zone

  • Uncover the root underlying emotional pain caused by trauma that created patterns and limiting beliefs you may still be relying on but are now no longer serving you

  • Discover new, healthy approaches for better daily living that go beyond just replacing an old habit with a new one and instead work to promote whole-body healing

  • Create boundaries that leave you feeling safe and protected

  • Explore your obstacles and opportunities from a place of curiosity and compassion, never shame

It's not you. It's Your Nervous System. 

Pillow and Blanket on Couch

Everyone will have their own unique experience with coaching. Here’s some of the benefits you'll begin to access:


  • A newfound sense of power over your thoughts, emotions and behaviors

  • An understanding of your behaviors through the lens of your nervous system 


  • Freedom from feeling stuck or isolated


  • Healing from attachment and emotional pain


  • Useful, practical tools and resources designed to empower you


  • A new perspective on life and the people around you


  • Authentic connection


  • Your voice and purpose

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3 Steps to Get Started:

Apply for a complimentary 30-minute coaching call.

Fill out a short application so we can dive right in on your call.

Book your 30 minute coaching call.

Find out if life coaching is the right fit for you.

Confirm your start date & get ready to change.

You’re safe. You’re amazing. Let’s do this—together.

Healing looks different for everyone. Your twelve-week coaching program will be customized to meet your needs. Here’s what you can expect as part of your coaching experience:


  • Twelve (12), 50-minute 1:1 virtual coaching sessions

  • Three (3), 90-minute virtual group coaching sessions where you can meet and connect with others doing the hard work too

  • A workbook to take notes, review concepts and self reflect

  • Self Regulation Tools to reshape your nervous system

  • Email and text message support

  • Weekly accountability check-ins, dependent on goals

  • Impromptu emergency calls, as needed

  • 50+ Journal Prompts to rediscover your most authentic self

  • Teaching materials and exercises to help you apply what you learn in sessions

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If you’re tired of doing it all but not having it all, let’s get you moving in a new direction. I’d be honored to walk alongside you.


Apply now for your complimentary 30-minute coaching call with me.

Disclaimer: In the one-on-one setting, life coaching is a personalized program for each individual. Group life coaching offers a curriculum suitable for a group setting with group members’ individual needs and concerns in mind.I reserve the right to change the program material for each client. All results will vary based on your willingness to participate and implement what you have learned. It is not a replacement for medical advice, psychological counseling or other types of therapy. Life coaches are not able to diagnose medical conditions or prescribe medication. This program is intended to be informational in nature and should not be a substitute for medical advice of any kind. Any actions you take, or consequences that result from your actions, are entirely your own responsibility. I accept no liability from the use of information provided on my website, programs, social media, email or my services.  Additionally, at this time I am not taking any clients outside of the United States.

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